Mary Ann Dove

Mary Ann Dove

Mary Ann is a leading authority on the role of parents and coaches in encouraging and inspiring children to achieve their own potential in sport. Since founding Positive Sport Parent in 2011 she has been a regular speaker and consultant at schools, sporting federations and conferences and regularly contributes to a variety of sport and youth publications. In July 2015, she is launching Positive Sport Coach to specifically provide coaches with resources to create Player-centric Developmental Sporting Environments. Mary Ann works closely with some of the best sports coaching brains in South Africa.

She is currently studying towards her PhD at the University of Cape Town where she is focusing on “The role of psycho-social and cultural factors in the progression of talented young sportsmen from junior to elite level.” In addition, she has qualifications in sports science, psychology and coaching.

Her previous experience in business consulting, leadership development, facilitation and performance coaching makes her imminently qualified to provide the unique and niche services being offered by PSC. Her clients have included Olympic organisations, national and provincial sports teams and federations, developmental to international sportsmen and women, player associations, schools and clubs.

She is still a very active, but less competitive sportswoman including running, tennis, cycling and in 2009 successfully summitted Mt Kilimanjaro. And in her spare time……… she is mother to her 21 and 19 year old son and daughter.

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