All About Positive Sport Coach (PSC)

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PSC – About US

Positive Sport Coach is an organization and service dedicated to contributing to the development of positive, authentic and connected coaches by providing information, tools and techniques for coaches to develop meaningful relationships with each individual player or athlete so that he/she will want to participate and perform to the best of their ability for the benefit of themselves, their team and for you their coach – leader of the individual or team.


The mission of Positive Sport Coach is to create a Player-centric Developmental Sporting Environment to develop competent, confident athletes in both sport and life in an ever changing world. We focus on the COACHING PROCESS that will enable optimum transfer of the physical, technical, tactical and mental skills required to participate and perform on the field of play, while simultaneously looking after the holistic and personal development of the player.


Our resources are underpinned by credible, researched, evidence-based and practical information from experienced practitioners in their field of expertise. We are constantly updating our material, making sure it is relevant and innovative.


PSC – Services

We have developed a number of inter-connected tools and services to assist you in developing a Player-centric Developmental Sporting Environment.

  1. Our flagship course, Coaching Connections, is currently available as a 2 hour face to face workshop in which you will be introduced to topics such as:
  • developing Emotional Intelligence,
  • effective communications,
  • the coach as leader,
  • engaging with parents,
  • understanding the developing player,
  • team effectiveness and
  • coaching for performance

This offering will be available as an online course in the near future with each of the 7 topics being afforded a full module each with specific learning outcomes.

  1. Our Mental Performance Coaching service is offered either to teams or on a one-on-one basis and focuses on getting players and coaches to think and act differently through developing self-awareness, unlocking your potential and reflecting on progress and learnings.

You and your athletes will learn about:

  • effective goal setting,
  • playing to your strengths,
  • managing emotions,
  • performing under pressure,
  • self-belief,
  • developing confidence,
  • mental toughness and
  • resilience
  1. Our Terms of Engagement Framework is an innovative partnering intervention that ensures that the Player-centric Development Sporting Environment is sustained through buy-in of all stakeholders to ensure that sport is played with the interests of the children at the heart of the matter.

In conjunction with the institution (school, club, federation etc) and all sporting stakeholders, we design and implement guidelines which govern the role and behaviour of parents, coaches, players and institutions. These guidelines cover 21 topics which we believe to be the current key areas affecting youth sport today and each topic has a specific application to the different stakeholder group.

  1. Captain’s workshops are aimed at developing young leaders within the team/group. Topics covered include:
  • Role of captain
  • Earning respect
  • Leadership styles
  • Challenges you may face
  1. Building Performing Teams focuses on establishing a team culture of sustainable excellence through understanding what makes teams successful, the strength of diversity and team cohesion. During

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    the workshop team members will learn how to lead teams effectively and participate well as a team member by:

  • Creating a team vision
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Exploring team roles and responsibilities
  • Recognising the value of diversity, and
  • Maximising team performance
  1. Player Lifestyle Development is a key service to ensure that your players develop as people and not just as sportsmen and women defined by their ability to run fast, hit a ball or score goals. We can provide access to advice and guidance with respect to a wide range of personal development topics relevant to sportspeople such as:
  • Dealing with the media
  • Presentation skills
  • Budget and Financial Management
  • Time management
  • Problem Solving
  • Networking and social media
  • Touring skills
  • Contractual negotiations
  • Coping skills
  1. Career Coach

Career Coach is an education and career development programme offered by PSC and specifically designed for sportsmen and women to provide you with a plan for enhancing your current sporting career as well as providing some direction for a future career. It provides opportunities for building on your sporting career, embarking on educational courses as well as exploring ideas for future career employment.

The programme is built around two key aspects of career development, namely understanding yourself and understanding the career environment.

We offer two services:

  • A group interactive workshop entitled, “Looking after your future NOW – Career guidance for sportspeople”
  • Individual career coaching – A one-on-one career coaching session with career consultant in which the athlete will explores their career goals and aspirations. The outcome of this session will is an individualiszed action plan that the player will need to implement with the assistance of available and appropriate resources. This allows the player to take responsibility for their own development.
  1. Engaging with Parents will assist coaches in developing positive relationships with the parents of your athletes. Topics to be covered include:
  • Different types of parent/coach relationships
  • Role of parent in youth sport
  • Emotional investment of parents in youth sport
  • Guidelines for a proactive approach
  • Communicating effectively
  • Terms of engagement


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